Course Bundle 1, 2 and 3 - Online

Level 1 – Online

This course is designed for professionals and amateurs interested in developing their organoleptic analysis skills and gaining a deeper theoretical knowledge of the world of mezcal. Students are invited to awaken their olfactory abilities and become experts in everything there is to know about the Denomination of Origin Mezcal and its associated states.

Level 2 – Online

This course is intended for Mezcal Specialists who have already taken the ASI Level 1 course and are interested in furthering their understanding of Oaxaca’s wild agaves. Over the course of the Level 2 certification, we will explore Oaxaca’s past, present and future, discussing the recent challenges and successes in agave spirits production in the region. This course will also delve into  the proper service aspects of fine spirits such as mezcal, ranging from Michelin-star service to more rustic environments.

Upon completion of the course, the Certified Mezcal Sommelier will be well-versed in theory, service, and organoleptic analysis as they pertain to agave spirits.


Level 3 – Online

Mezcal Sommeliers who have completed the Agave Spirits Institute Level 2 course are invited to take this course in order to further their knowledge of agave spirits from Mexico and beyond. The Level 3: Agave Spirits Advisor Course offers students a broad understanding of the diversity present in agave spirits while honing their organoleptic analysis skills by tasting through 28 agave spirits from across Mexico and across the world.


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