Level 4 - OCTOBER 3RD - 9TH - Onsite

Level 4 – Onsite

This course is designed specifically for Agave Spirits Advisors who have completed the Level 3 course offered by the Agave Spirits Institute. Over the course of a week in Oaxaca, students will hone their fine spirits sommelier abilities and become masters of organoleptic analysis skills, gaining profound understanding of Oaxaca and its mezcal-production regions. With the unparalleled access to the maestro mezcaleros, microbiologists, producers, chefs and mixologists teaching the Level 4 course, students will enjoy an unforgettable experience in Oaxaca, concluding their experience by designing an original cocktail using the sensory techniques crucial to any agave spirits professional.

Upon successful completion of a theoretical and practical examination, students will be awarded the title of  Master of Agave Spirits at a graduation ceremony held in Oaxaca.



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